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English classes in Charlotte

English classes in Charlotte

Getting a recorded or on-line English course is almost like wanting to have a nice body helped by a mail instructive. It is not that those courses and handbooks are “bad”; it is just that they have characteristics that could leave  your learning process incomplete.

Distance learning courses require discipline which is usually interrupter by the most diverse causes, ranging from the chance to dedicate a couple of extra hours to work, to an unsuspected social meeting, a good TV show or just postpone it for later and sometimes, we just forget about it. There is no compromise; there is no one to supervise; there is no one to correct and qualify.

As a complement, English teaching/learning process has the main objective of allowing the student to communicate fluently with English speaking people and, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to interact with other people.

On the other hand, if you attend to an interactive English course aimed at a large number of students, the possibilities to interact are are almost nil. How many people have finished an English course, only to realize that they can neither understand the person they are talking to, nor can they be understood!

In Borealis Language Academy we developed a teaching method which takes all this issues into account, so that our students can speak and write English fluently. We teach English classes in Charlotte to groups from five to ten people, to give them the opportunity to have an active and effective experience through conversational interaction.

Our lessons are divided in four levels: beginners, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, with multiple weekly schedules, for you to accommodate them according to your agenda. The students choose the days and times that best work for them, understanding that attendance and disciplined practice will allow them to master the new language.

Our courses are also taught by qualifies professionals, dedicated to teaching English as a second language and committed to help the students in the learning process.

We are located at 6801 South Blvd. Unit B & C Charlotte, NC 28217; 3124 Eastway Dr. Ste. 520 Charlotte, NC 28205 and 1402 Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC 2811. We are accessible to people in Gastonia and Huntersville.

You can contact us through our phone number at 704-281-1656 or with our e-mail borealisacademy@gmail.com. We provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to fully master English. With us, the first lesson is free!

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