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Survival Spanish Classes in Charlotte

Survival Spanish Classes in Charlotte

Interaction between Americans and Spanish-speaking people demands, at least, the basic knowledge of both languages, both for the social and labor relations that usually bind them, and for the satisfaction of understanding each other.

The total ignorance of a second language, closely linked to our social and work activities, generates a certain level of stress and can even lead to discouragement. Hence the need to manage, at least, what is called a level of survival, in the language that is new to us.

When needs force a person to study, a certain dislike may take place towards learning the second language. However the process is facilitated when it is done by the good feeling that comes from communicating with others, and when we find the proper academy.

Borealis Language Academy has developed effective techniques of learning Spanish so that an English-speaking person develops practical skills that allow them to “survive” in their contact with Spanish speaking people.

We develop programs adapted to all needs for children, adults and seniors, whether in individual or group classes, at regular hours or adapted to their possibilities and, in all cases, with teachers specialized in teaching the language.

If you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country or if you want to be in an environment where folks express themselves primarily in Spanish, we teach you how to defend yourself. We can offer you Spanish survival classes in Charlotte, NC.

With our Spanish survival courses, you can easily learn to order food in a restaurant, request or recognize directions, read itineraries, fill out job applications and, in general, express and understand the phrases that are frequently used during a trip or in everyday life. Our materials are authentic and our teachers are qualified.

Our methods will seem easy and effective, because with as days pass and lessons are done, you can perceive that you are beginning to understand and pronounce the vocabulary and expressions that will be very useful in your contact with people who speak Spanish, without feeling pressured.

To a great extent, the effectiveness of our methods also has to do with active and effective participation in conversational interaction. Hence our classes are aimed at small groups of five to ten students, but also, the interested party can choose to receive personalized classes, with a schedule that fits their time and needs, around topics of interest to the student.

At Borealis Language Academy we have three locations where you can contact us in English or Spanish, for example: Eastway Dr. Charlotte, NC, South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC and Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC.

You can contact us by call, text message or to our main phone 704-281-1656 or writing to us at borealisacademy@gmail.com. Do not hesitate; you will like survival Spanish.

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