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Spanish Language Schools in Charlotte

Spanish Language Schools in Charlotte

A Spanish language school can be a platform for success for a student, or it can cause frustration difficult to overcome. Success or failure will depend on the quality of programs, teachers, and methodology.

In Charlotte, those interested in learning Spanish have the opportunity to go to our school Borealis Language Academy, an institution of trajectory and prestige, which supports the teaching process in a proven methodology.

With flexible programs for students

In the definition of the curricula, a methodology that is adaptable to the ages has a big part, also the possibilities of study and the level of knowledge of each of the students. Thus, the interested in learning Spanish will be able to attend lessons at regular times, form a study group at a time to agree or receive a personalized course.

Our programs include a very interactive methodology so that the student can feel at ease learning, practicing and applying knowledge adapted to everyday activities.

These are programs of general Spanish learning, which can also be oriented towards specific activities, such as work related to nursing, office, and construction, or to make the most of a study trip, volunteer or vacation in a Hispanic speaking country.

The possibility of teaching Spanish in our schools in Charlotte is even greater if we assume that the students of our regular courses are located in groups defined by age, level of knowledge and interest in the subject or a particular activity.

We are interested in having our academies become successful platforms for our students. Hence, our teaching programs include a component as important as is testing, to continuously evaluate the evolution of each student.

Spanish Academy in Charlotte

We have branches in South Boulevard, Eastway Dr. and Skyway Dr. Monroe, Charlotte, NC., And in the case of personalized classes, we adjust to your time availability.

Our groups are open to all people from 13 years of age. We work with four levels: basic, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, each with a duration of 6 to 8 months.

Contact us; it will be a pleasure to assist you.

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