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Spanish courses for children and teens in Monroe

Spanish courses for children and teens in Monroe

There must be many theories about how easy teenagers learn new things, but regardless if these are true or not, the fact is that when things get complicated on the computer or the mobile device it is better to call a child, your nephew or the neighbor to help us get out of trouble.

Same with the language. We usually find children serving as interpreters for their parents; enjoying cartoons, whose dialogues we hardly understand; Interacting with the other children from the neighborhood in other languages, etc.

Why do kids and teenagers learn English so fast? To some extent, that’s because of their willingness to absorb things from their environment without fear of being wrong.

If the environment is favorable and also if they acquire a formal learning, young people will learn some words, phrases and sentences both mentally and in practice until becoming bilingual. This is rewarding for the learning process, because English also allows young people to:

• Have a wider perception of the world.
• Learn to be more tolerant and respect people who do not speak other languages.
• Acquire an additional tool which is getting more and more valuable in business and work environments.

Hence the importance of having an academy that provides programs and teachers specialized in teaching Spanish for kids and teenagers.

Spanish courses for children and teens in Monroe

When we prepare our Spanish courses for children and teenagers in Monroe, we take care that the environment is pleasing to young people who come to study here.

Our courses for young people are interactive, attractive and fun and our teachers add colloquial words that the students will find most in real world scenarios to the study plan.

Our language academy has several options available so that a young person or a group of young people can learn Spanish without altering the normal course of their regular studies at school. Students can attend our regular programs or integrate into groups with customized schedules according to the student’s possibilities, at any time of day or night, during the week or weekends.

The student is evaluated in order to know his/her knowledge level and place him/her where the student belongs.

Childhood and adolescence are the most appropriate ages to learn a second language with appropriate curricula, tools and teachers that help the student to acquire new knowledge in an attractive, quick and easy way.

Contact us, without compromise and learn Spanish quickly and easily.

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