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Spanish classes for students in Charlotte

Spanish classes for students in Charlotte

If you are among the students who included Spanish within their language classes, and when you finish school you do not feel prepared to participate in a group conversation with Spanish speakers, do not worry.

Borealis Language Academy is a language school where we develop programs and have specialized teachers that will allow you to achieve the knowledge and skills required to master the Spanish language, including cultural aspects, traditions and colloquial expressions.

We offer several alternatives, so that an individual student or a group of students can learn Spanish without altering the normal course of their formal studies in school or university.

Programs according to students groups

Students can attend our regular programs or integrate into groups with defined schedules according to the student’s possibilities, at any time of day or night, during the week or weekends.
Students can also opt for personalized teaching plans.

The student is evaluated to define its knowledge level and place him/her where the student belongs.

In addition, our curricula involves four levels: basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced, each of them has a duration of 6 to 8 months, according to the specific needs of each student based on the preliminary evaluation.

All courses include interactive plans that help to facilitate learning a new language, in a fast, easy and attractive way.

We invite you to contact us for free and do not feel isolated again during a conversation with Spanish speakers.

At Borealis Language Academy we will be very pleased to assist you.

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