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Spanish classes for seniors

Spanish classes for seniors

As the life project is consolidated and the desired retirement season arrives, opportunities for enjoying the natural and cultural riches that surround us arise and, among them, there’s nothing better than knowing the immense richness of the Spanish speaking countries.

There are twenty-two Spanish-speaking countries – with 500 million native Spanish speakers – to visit in America, Europe and Africa. There are also 590 million other people who speak Spanish as a second language.

In other words, there are over a billion people with whom you can talk across the world. What you need – now that you’ve got the chance- is to learn how to speak Spanish, prepare the luggage and go out and enjoy.

In Borealis Language Academy we help you master Spanish by means of conversation practices, short sentences, dramatized dialogues and repetition of phrases and expressions, so that you can feel as comfortable and safe in any Spanish-speaking place as at home.

Our method may seem to be effective for you because, in a short time, you will realize that you are not only taken in day-to-day work, but you are also beginning to understand vocabulary and expressions to get directions in transportation terminals, hotels, restaurants, stores, and you are ready to visit the best places in Spanish speaking countries without worrying about the language.

To facilitate the teaching / learning process, Borealis Language Academy has a fun and effective method with Spanish-speaking teachers. The method is divided into four levels: basic, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced.

We also developed specific programs for adults, teenagers and children, so that the interested party doesn’t have to worry about age when registering. At Borealis Language Academy we open a world of opportunities for those who want to learn Spanish.

Part of the effectiveness of the method also has to do with the active and effective participation in conversational interaction. That is why, our classes are aimed at small groups of five to ten students, but also, the interested party can choose to receive personalized classes, with a schedule to their measure and around their topics of greatest interest.

For your convenience, we have three study centers, on South Blvd. and Eastway Dr., in Charlotte, and another one in Monroe, North Carolina.

Spanish-speaking countries are wonderful territories with friendly people who want to give you a warm welcome. We give Spanish classes for seniors, so that they may arrive being able to speak the language and enjoy their stay. Do not hesitate! Contact us right now through our telephone number 704-281-1656 or at our email address borealisacademy@gmail.com.

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