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Spanish classes for older persons in Charlotte

Spanish classes for older persons in Charlotte

After the end of the working stage of life comes the opportunity to enjoy thousands of things that we could not do over the past years because of the obligations. Perhaps the most desired thing is to travel around the world and know other cultures.

It is the opportunity to travel around many countries where a high percentage of the population speaks Spanish language.

Travel and enjoy

Knowing Spanish is undoubtedly an element that contributes to enjoy this beautiful stage of life as complement to the enjoyment of knowing countries, cities, natural treasures, and of course, practicing the language and socializing with Spanish-speaking friends .

Getting to adulthood is a privilege that must be enjoyed and at Borealis Language Academy we are more than willing to help you thanks to our Spanish classes for seniors in and around Charlotte.

We have a team of teachers specialized in teaching languages ready to turn your goals into an enriching experience. With time to study and practice and the desire to make to most out of the golden age, there are no pretexts to postpone learning Spanish.

Spanish classes that suit you

It does not matter if you have many, a little or no knowledge of Spanish. We work with four levels: basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. Our teaching plans include classes taught to groups of six to twelve students at different formal schedules.

But we also include the possibility to integrate small groups or to assist personalized classes with a curricula adjusted to the possibilities of the students during the week or weekends.

We have developed an interactive curriculum with teachers that will help you speak a second language quickly and easily.

If you are interested in receiving Spanish classes for older persons in Charlotte, we invite you to request more information through our email borealisacademy@gmail.com or on our website. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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