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Private Spanish lessons for university groups in Charlotte

Private Spanish lessons for university groups in Charlotte

The interrelationship between cultures seen in student exchange and support programs for educational institutions and volunteerism demonstrate the importance of understanding Spanish language for US university students.

It is also evident that young people who travel to Spanish speaking countries, universities, cities and towns in order to expand their studies, provide assistance in community projects, participate in sports activities or simply to expand their cultural heritage, have a better time the more they know Spanish beforehand.

Knowledge brings benefits

Although young people will enjoy a time outside their country, it will always be important to have an academy that offers private lessons of Spanish for university groups available.

At Borealis Language Academy, we offer a private Spanish learning program for college groups in Charlotte, NC. This is a great alternative to advance on Spanish studies without interrupting academic lessons.

Students can integrate into groups to define a schedule according to their possibilities at any time of day or night, during the week or weekends.

Also, trough an evaluation test we can know the knowledge level of each student to place him/her in the appropriate learning level. All courses include interactive plans that help to facilitate learning a new language, in a fast, easy and attractive way.

At Borealis Language Academy we have a team of academically trained teachers to help students to learn Spanish without neglecting any cultural aspects, traditions and colloquial forms of expression.

Contact us, your stay in a Spanish-speaking country will be more profitable if you can interact with their people properly. Contact us now!

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