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Learn Spanish fast for foreigners

Learn Spanish fast for foreigners

Learning Spanish is easier when you have teachers who are specialized in this language, not only because they develop perfectly in the language of their country of origin; also because they provide knowledge about the culture, customs, vocabulary and particular expressions that are necessary to hold a fluid conversation.

The mastery of Spanish, for anyone from a different language, is not a luxury. It is the third most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and English. In fact, it is the official and vehicular language in 21 countries.

But also, Spanish has become the third most used language on the Internet and the second most used on Facebook and Twitter, the world’s leading social networks. The use of Spanish grows significantly.

Learn Spanish fast and easy

At Borealis Language Academy we develop an interactive curriculum to help you speak Spanish quickly and easily. Our programs are open to all people 13 years of age and up, they are adequate to the level of knowledge of each student and supported by practical grammar tips and repetitive phrases that facilitate communication with Spanish speakers.

At our academy, learning Spanish is easy, to communicate with friends, family or co-workers, doing business, attending meetings, understanding television programs or simply enjoying your trips abroad. Learning Spanish fast for foreigners is possible!

We work with your time availability and preferences, for example, you can take your classes at your company, in your selected schedule, or attend our classes at any of our three locations – South Boulevard, Eastway Dr. in Charlotte or Skyway Dr. in Monroe, NC.

Call us today to determine what level language and options fit you. Count on us!

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