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Learn English for business, Charlotte

Learn English for business, Charlotte

As communications, transportation means and economic globalization evolve, in the field of business we see a greater incorporation of terms and phrases in English that must be learn on the fly.

Understanding a technical business-focused language is important for both, the executives who must attend to participate in a variety of specialized activities; and the assistants who must answer phone calls, write letters, prepare documents and answer emails.

In the business world, assertive communication can determine the success of a negotiation and the success of a negotiation may depend on skills related to knowing the key vocabulary and have a good pronunciation.

Mastering English for business starts with the basic knowledge, from answering a call following the protocol, to the opportunity to lead a meeting, do business and make a successful presentation.

Specialized Business Terms

At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to learn English for business with the help of teachers specialized in language teaching who are ready to prepare you for succeeding in your professional activities.

We know how valuable your time is. We design our English teaching programs for business with formal schedules, in our offices and also for groups, with customized schedules thus receiving lessons does not affect your daily activities.

We evaluate each student in order to place him/her in one of the four knowledge levels we have: Basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. It is a formula that helps the student to make the most out of his/her time and money investment.

Learn English for Business in Charlotte, NC. Our didactic capabilities and extensive experience will allow you to speak English for business safely and smoothly.

We invite you to request more information through our mail borealisacademy@gmail.com or on our website. We’re at your service!

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