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Language tutoring in Charlotte

Language tutoring in Charlotte

Daily occupations and distances often become barriers to attending language courses to improve the performance of our day-to-day activities, however, when there is interest and effort, achievements are undeniable reached.

An alternative, in the pursuit of improvement, is offered by personalized courses. Progress is made through study at home or during free time that may remain between working days, by following the instructions of a teacher and then attending lessons according to a schedule adapted to the student’s possibilities.

Personalized learning brings a series of advantages for those who cannot attend regular or group courses in order to learn a second language:

  • An educational strategy defined between the teacher and the student, based on a personalized relationship between both.
  • Scheduled meetings, at dates and times agreed with the student.
  • Autonomous studies of the student in the moments that are available, according to the practices in class and the material provided by the teacher.
  • An optimization of the learning process, through dialogue, the through verification of general improvements and the correction of mistakes.

In terms of language teaching, this method is generally favored because those who come to learn a language such as Spanish or English, are mature people who need it to socialize or work. As they progress, they will use what they have learned in everyday life.

At Borealis Language Academy we have developed effective language teaching techniques, using the right tools and practical skills needed for the student to master a second language.

We have bilingual teachers prepared to develop programs for all needs, whether children, boys or adults, in individual or group classes, at regular hours or adapted to their possibilities. We include custom language lessons in Charlotte, NC.

We are in the best position to develop a curriculum for you, a personalized course, which will be adjusted to your time availability. At Borealis Language Academy, we help you master the language you want through constant conversational practice, dramatized dialogue and repetition of phrases and expressions.

For your convenience, we have three locations, where you can contact us in English or Spanish:

You can also contact us through our main phone 704-281-1656 or by writing to borealisacademy@gmail.com. Things are easier when a second language is known and if you cannot attend regular classes, we can arrange a study plan according to your needs.

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