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Individual Spanish Classes in Charlotte

Individual Spanish Classes in Charlotte

The opportunity to share with Spanish speaking people allows us to, with time, effort, good intentions and constant practice, reach an acceptable level of understanding of the Spanish language, but does not guarantee that we will get to master it.

Learning a language is a process that demands time, practice and teachers who correctly instruct you on the meaning of words, pronunciation and conformation of sentences, in a systematic way, based on the student’s needs and capabilities.

With motivation and dynamism, the results will be excellent, especially if it is possible to receive personalized classes. Schedules are adjusted to the needs of the student and the learning is focused towards the student’s main objectives.

Do you want to learn Spanish to talk with friends? To do business, attend meetings, or get along with your co-workers? To read or to understand a TV show or simply to communicate during your trips abroad?

Borealis Language Academy gives you the opportunity to take private Spanish lessons in Charlotte with a curriculum tailored to the needs of people who have a tight schedule and require flexibility in scheduling, or just want to receive their classes individually.

Private classes have the advantage of having students perform in a 1 to 1 environment, so that the program focuses on the personal and professional needs of each client. In this way, it takes full advantage of the knowledge that the student can have, with grammatical tips and repetitive phrases, through an interactive process that will allow him to learn the Spanish language in an easy and fast way.

Do not hesitate to call us if you aspire to receive individual Spanish classes in Charlotte, NC. You can contact us at any of our three locations:

  • Eastway Dr. Charlotte, NC: 3124 Eastway Dr. Ste. 520, Charlotte, NC 28205. You can call us at 980-207-3958.
  • South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC: 6801 South Blvd. Unit B & C, Charlotte, NC 28217. You can call us at 704-571-7300.
  • Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC: 1402 Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC 28110. You can call us at 704-241-5721.
  • You can also call us or send a text message to our main phone 704-281-1656 or write to borealisacademy@gmail.com

Call us today so we can advise you. Learning Spanish with us is easier.

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