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Important English vocabulary to use in the office

Important English vocabulary to use in the office

In all languages, there is a basic vocabulary that allows maintaining a more or less fluid communication, when there are no requirements, but when it comes to maintaining fluid communication in a particular field, it is necessary to know the specialized vocabulary.

Each job or profession has its own vocabulary that must be known, for example, in the office, as in all other work and business activities, it is also used a specialized terminology, from which we list some basic concepts of office materials:


Accounting book: libro de contabilidad

Tape: cinta adhesiva

Agenda: agenda

Archive: archivo, fichero


Binder clip: broche aprieta papel, clip

Board eraser: borrador

Board: pizarra, pizarrón

Box: caja

Briefcase: portafolios, maletín

Business card: tarjeta de presentación


Calculator: calculadora

Calendar: calendario

Chair: silla

Computer: computadora, ordenador


Desk: escritorio

Drawer: cajón

Pin: tachuela, chinche


Envelope: sobre

Eraser: goma de borrar


Fax machine: fax

File: archivo

Filing cabinet: archivador

Folder: carpeta

Fountain pen: pluma fuente


Glue stick: barra de pegamento

Glue: pegamento

Guillotine: guillotina


Highlighter pen: rotulador fosforescente.

Hole punch: perforadora


Ink cartridge: cartucho de tinta

Ink: tinta


Keyboard: teclado



Label: etiqueta, rótulo

Laptop: computadora portátil, ordenador portátil


Marker: marcador, rotulador

Measuring tape: cinta métrica

Monitor: monitor

Mouse: ratón

Mousepad: alfombrilla de ratón


Office supplies: material de oficina


Paper clip: clip

Paper: papel

Paper Block: block

Pen: bolígrafo

Pencil holder: portalápices

Pencil: lápiz

Photocopier: fotocopiadora

Photocopy: fotocopia

Pin: alfiler, clavija, chincheta

Printer: impresora


Rubber: goma de borrar

Rubber stamp: sello de goma

Ruler: regla


Scanner: escáner

Scissors: tijeras

Screen: pantalla

Sharpener: sacapuntas

Sheet of paper: hoja de papel

Stamp: sello

Stapler: engrapadora


Telephone book: guía telefónica

Telephone: teléfono

Thumbtack: tachuela, chinche, chincheta

Toner: tóner

Typewriter: máquina de escribir


Wipe Out: líquido corrector

Waste basket: cesto de basura, papelera

The work in the office is very specialized, and whether it is the boss or the subordinate, you must have a broad knowledge of the work you are doing. But even if you are a dynamic and talented person in your language, there are few accomplishments you will have in your job if you are to hold a position in an English-speaking office.

At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to master the office vocabulary in English, not only at the basic level but also advanced. We teach classes appropriate to your characteristics, level of knowledge or the time availability.

We have specialized teachers and interactive curricula that include tips for learning English for office workers, grammar tips and repetitive phrases, to facilitate easy, fast and attractive learning.

Our Academy offers you the opportunity to attend our group classes with formal schedules or join a group to receive classes in a specific place and with a schedule appropriate to your possibilities, during the week or on weekends. You can also opt for a personalized curriculum.

Contact us; we are here to assist you.

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