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English lessons for students in Monroe, Charlotte

English lessons for students in Monroe, Charlotte

We are all aware that formal English programs in schools and colleges are not enough to achieve the knowledge and fluency that requires interaction with the Native American community.
Neither are the knowledge and skills acquired in everyday life, such as speaking and listening in one’s own language, without having learned to read and master the basic elements of grammar.

If you want to master and deepen your knowledge of the English language, it is of the utmost importance to follow study programs, through proven teaching methods and with the guidance of specialized teachers.

The strategies envisaged in curricula and teacher excellence allow students to go beyond purely formal education because they are having access to the colloquial words that are characteristic of all regions and in all language.

The missing link

In Borealis Language Academy we offer programs of English lessons for students, in Monroe, Charlotte. We have teachers specializing in teaching, which will allow you to achieve the knowledge and skills required to master the English language, including cultural aspects, customs, and forms of colloquial expression.

We offer various alternatives for students to learn Spanish, without altering the standard course in their formal study centers. Monroe students can opt for personalized tuition plans or attend our regular programs.

The student is given an evaluation test, to define the level of knowledge and place them in the level that is most favorable to them.

All courses include interactive plans that help facilitate the understanding of the new language, in a fast, easy and attractive way. It is an effective formula so that the students integrate and take full advantage of the knowledge acquired in the formal education centers, the daily practice and the new inputs provided by our teachers.

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