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English Language Schools in Monroe

English Language Schools in Monroe

Mastering English as a second language is an instrument that open up doors for all spheres of society, but many times we do not take the initiative to learn it because we believe that there are barriers that prevent us from doing it.

One of the various reasons we tough to justify why we do not learn English is not having enough time to go to a classroom that is probably far from our residence.

Is not always that way. We are one of the English schools you can find in Monroe, NC. At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to develop curricula adapted to your tastes, needs and possibilities.

Custom schedules

On our scheme it is possible to set a study schedule for different hours or the weekend. There is no excuse for not learning, and there are many benefits such as:

  • We define an educational strategy with teachers and students.
  • We set up scheduled study sessions whenever students agree to.
  • We develop curricula oriented towards the main interests of students.
  • We optimize the learning model trough dramatized dialogues and the repetition of sentences and expressions, the verification of the progress achieved and the correction of distortions.

Among the English language schools in Monroe, our school is characterized by the development of effective language teaching techniques using the appropriate tools and practical skills required for the student to master a second language.

Our teachers are prepared to develop programs that suit to your possibilities.

At Borealis Language Academy, we help you master the language you want through constant conversational training, dramatized dialogues and repetition of phrases and expressions.

Contact us calling at 704-281-1656 or sending an email to borealisacademy@gmail.com .We’re at your service!

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