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Basic hospital vocabulary in Charlotte

Basic hospital vocabulary in Charlotte

One of the most dramatic and challenging experiences that a foreigner can find is to suffer an injury or a disease and not be able to tell other people about it to obtain medical assistance due the language barrier.

That is why is important to foreigners to master a minimum of phrases that allow him/her to ask for help in case of emergency such as requesting an ambulance, ask for a pharmacy or medical center address and tell the attending nurse o physician the details about his/her illness.

The following is a series of phrases with the basic hospital vocabulary to help the Spanish-speaking reader resident in the United States to communicate and to request assistance:

¿Puedes ayudarme?Can you help me?
¿Dónde puedo encontrar un hospital?Where can I find a hospital?
¿Dónde puedo encontrar una farmacia?Where can I find a pharmacy?
¿Puede llamar una ambulancia?Can you call an ambulance?
Necesito medicina para…I need medicine to …
¡Llama a un doctor!Call a doctor!
¿Puede medirme la presión?Can you measure the pressure?
Necesito una inyecciónI need an injection
¿Dónde puedo comprar…

  • Una pastilla
  • Una cápsula
  • Una medicina
Where can I buy …

  • A pill
  • One capsule
  • A medicine

  • Fiebre
  • La garganta irritada
  • Dolor de cabeza

Dolor de estómago

I’ve got a …

  • Temperature
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Stomachache
Me siento enfermoI’ve been feeling sick
He estado teniendo dolores de cabezaI’ve been having headaches
Estoy muy congestionadoI’m very congested
Me duelen las articulacionesMy joints are aching
Tengo diarreaI’ve got diarrhea
Estoy estreñidoI’m constipated
Tengo muchos doloresI’m in a lot of pain
Me duele …

  • La espalda
  • El pecho
I’ve got a pain in my …

  • Back
  • Chest

  • Asmático
  • Diabético
  • Epiléptico
I’m …

  • Asthmatic
  • Diabetic
  • Epileptic

The above are some phrases that can be very helpful, when an accident of some kind occurs.

You have to remember the phrases and use them as part of the conversation. A correct pronunciation is mandatory for the people to understand us.

If you need information about our Spanish or English classes we invite you to request more information through our mail borealisacademy@gmail.com or on our website. We will be happy to serve you!

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