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Academies to learn Spanish in Charlotte

Academies to learn Spanish in Charlotte

When deciding to learn a second language, such as Spanish, we must evaluate a series of parameters that allow us to define the quality of the academy: programs, teachers, and methodologies, as well as the conveniences that are offered to students in their learning process.

There are determining factors, which must be taken into account when assessing academies dedicated to the teaching of Spanish:

Mild methodology: The student should feel at ease, learning and practicing knowledge adapted to the different situations that occur in daily life. To achieve this, each program must be tailored to the student’s age and language level.

Specialized teachers: A skilled teacher is a vital component and must have pedagogical preparation, with the capacity to teach it. An important aspect of the teaching process has to do with the interaction between teacher and students because it is necessary to combine theoretical classes with practical exercises.

The right levels: The integration of groups must follow certain particularities of students, such as age, their level of knowledge and interest in a particular topic or activity.

Encouragement to help: Modules adapted to the needs of the students, with special timetables for people who only have limited time or the alternative of receiving personalized classes.

Easy schedule: Provide lessons with ample timetables to better promote learning as the student needs.

Spanish classes in Charlotte

At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to communicate fluently, through the Spanish programs we offer in Charlotte, NC.

With our curriculum, you can attend group classes, join a group of workers in your company, learn at your workplace or, opt for a personalized curriculum.

Among the alternatives is the possibility of choosing our regular timetables, during the course of the week or weekends, in any of our three venues. In the case of personalized classes or for companies, we adjust to your availability.

In all cases, we develop an interactive curriculum, which includes practical grammar tips and useful phrases that will help you speak Spanish quickly and easily. Our groups are open to all people 13 years of age and up.

We work with four levels: basic, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced, each with a duration of 6 to 8 months. To place you in the right level, you can take a placement test at no cost, and we will give you the necessary recommendations.

We invite you to make the decision and contact us through our website or by email borealisacademy@gmail.com. Learning English with us is easier.

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