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Private Language classes in Gastonia

Private Language classes in Gastonia

As everyone knows, each person has a different interest; they want to learn a language to facilitate their communication on a certain topic, for example, and the curriculum limits the opportunity for the teacher to fully focus on their goals.

When someone wants to learn a language, they want to feel comfortable in their particular activities, whether they are at the office, church, gas station, school, etc. The possibility of getting private language classes appears.

Taking private classes brings several benefits: the student can have a more direct approach, questions answered at the moment, set with the teacher a perfect time to take the classes; receive personalized attention that becomes in motivation, among other benefits.

In Borealis Language Academy we have qualified staff and a successful experience, to offer private language classes, in Gastonia, Charlotte and Huntersville, NC. With our private language classes, the student is sure to receive:

  • – Entire attention from the teacher.
  • – Questions answered at the moment.
  • – Focus on the topic of interest
  • – Adjust the schedule to your needs.
  • – Motivation to move forward.

We are located in 6801 South Blvd. Unit B & C Charlotte, NC 28217; 3124 Eastway Dr. Ste. 520 Charlotte, NC 28205 and 1402 Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC 28110. You can contact us through our phone at 704-281-1656 or through our e-mail borealisacademy@gmail.com.

We will give you the tools and knowledge for you to be able to master English and Spanish. Do not delay it, contact us right now!

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