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English classes with humor in Charlotte

English classes with humor in Charlotte

At Borealis Language Academy we laugh with our new students. Very often, when a new group is started, everyone is tense and apprehensive. These new students might be wondering how they will work and fit it to the group. One very effective way to help students relax and lose their fear of taking risks of learning a new language is to use humor properly allowing them to feel part of the class.  As the students warm up to each other and to the teacher a wonderful thing begins to happen, we become like a small family that comes together once, twice or three times a week to learn and improve our language skills.

However, some of the best learning often occurs in the midst of laughter.  You may have heard the saying “laughter is good for the soul” or “laughter is good for the heart” well, at Borealis you can frequently hear bursts of laughter coming from a classroom. This will happen repeatedly whether we are in a private class or a small group of 5 or 10 students. What is happening is that many times while explaining grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, idioms or short expressions, especially to new students, a teacher will make reference to grammar mistakes that some English learners make when they haven’t learned English in a formal classroom. While pointing out these mistakes, our students will burst out in laughter; a laughter that indicates that they sheepishly and bravely admit to doing or knowing someone who makes or has made those mistakes, the teacher joins in laughing with them acknowledging the importance of that learning moment. A classroom where humor is allowed is a classroom where learning comes to life.

Borealis Language Academy has bilingual and qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching.  They have great qualities that will make the students feel like family and learning in our classrooms is fun and enjoyable.

At Borealis Language Academy we have found that humor is part of our classroom management. Humor plays a very important role when we are trying to create a “positive environment” for learning, because it helps lower the anxiety and stress levels of the students. Students feel unified and learning is fun.  Therefore, we incorporate humor in the most natural way as teachers deliver lesson plans or have conversations in the classroom at all levels.

You can find us at 6801 South Blvd, Unit C, Charlotte NC 28217, at 3124 Eastway Dr, Unit 520, Charlotte, NC 28205, and at 1402 Skyway Dr, Charlotte NC 28110

So next time you visit us, don’t be surprised to hear a burst of laughter coming from the classrooms. You can be certain that learning is taking place there!

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