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Spanish for Executives in Charlotte

Spanish for Executives in Charlotte

It is hard to imagine an executive being away from the rest of the participants in a congress-related social activity, a business conference or any international event just because he/she does not speak Spanish.

With more than 400 million Spanish speakers, Spanish is not just one of the most important languages ​​in the world; Is a growing, increasingly powerful language in the economic, diplomacy and social spheres. Let’s see:

It is the mother tongue of the inhabitants of twenty countries.

It is the second most spoken language (even more than English and Hindi), right after Mandarin.

On the internet, it is ahead of French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian.

It is the second most important language in the United States. It is estimated that by 2050, the number of Spanish speakers in the United States will exceed the number of inhabitants of Mexico.

The importance of Spanish is so critical that countries like Brazil included Spanish as a mandatory language in high school education programs.

Keeping yourself away from learning Spanish implies to be isolated from a large facet of global evolution, learning Spanish is critical for those who perform executive duties.

Decide now!

The time is now. At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to learn Spanish for executives supported by a team of teachers specialized in teaching languages, they’re ready to prepare you to complement your success in your foray in Spanish-speaking spheres.

It does not matter if you have many, a little or no knowledge of Spanish at all .We work with four levels: basic, intermediate, intermediate and advanced, each of them has a duration of 6-8 months.

To put you on the right level, you can apply a preliminary test and we will give you the necessary recommendations, so that you get more out of your investment and save time.

Do you prefer group or personalized classes? You can choose between a personalized study plan in which you can set the schedule and choose between an office or classroom , and group programs.

We are located in Charlotte

In order for students to interact with each other and with the teacher, our curricula are taught to small groups made of six to twelve students who attend classes according to our formal schedules.  But you can also integrate your own group, in this case our teachers will adjust to the schedule that better suits you.

We teach Spanish for executives in Charlotte, NC. With a few days of study and practice, you will begin to notice a big difference.Our didactic ability and extensive experience will allow you to talk Spanish quickly and easily.

We invite you to request more information through our mail borealisacademy@gmail.com or on our website. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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