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Spanish classes for groups

Spanish classes for groups

There is no denying that learning Spanish is complex,  due to the sentence structure, the variety of articles and the conjugations and other characteristics; but it can be easier if you learn it with a good teacher.

They say that practice makes perfect, and that’s the base of our teaching process, supported by techniques and abilities developed throughout the years by qualified teachers, trained in academic institutions.

Part of these strategies are related to interaction, a systematic practice that is pleasant and even fun, where students can feel comfortable and interact naturally with their teachers and classmates.

That is why our classes are aimed at small groups, from five to ten students, so they may have enough time to practice the sounds, words, phrases and structures they are learning.

Experience allows us to say that learning Spanish has never been easier, thanks to active and effective conversational interaction in Borealis Language Academy.

In order to better improve your current Spanish level, our classes are divided in four levels: beginners, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, with multiple schedules, so may adjust them to your agenda.

We offer you the opportunity of learning Spanish in groups but we also have private and personalized classes, so if that’s your preference or what you need, you can also master a second language.

We’re located at 6801 South Blvd. Unit B & C Charlotte, NC 28217; 3124 Eastway Dr. Ste. 520 Charlotte, NC 28205 and 1402 Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC 2811. We also cover areas like Gastonia and Huntersville.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and therefore it is a very important tool to reaching success in every company. We evaluate your current level of knowledge and give you the first class for free.

Contact us: we will give you all the tools and knowledge to master Spanish.

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