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Learn English fast and easy

Learn English fast and easy

The ability to learn how to speak English fast and easy is not an empty statement; it is easier to learn English than Spanish because of the characteristics of a language that has simpler grammatical structures and not as much vocabulary.

English has no genders, the same nouns are used for people, animals, and things; there are only two articles (“the” for “el, la, lo, los and las” and “a” or “an” for uno and una); and let’s not even talk about the simple verb conjugation, comparing to the “huge” amount of variations in Spanish.

If to these reasons we add the possibility of having qualified, kind, patient, trained teachers who know how to break the barrier caused by hearing and pronunciation, then we must conclude that learning English is fast and easy.

At Borealis Language Academy we have that great advantage. Our teachers can help you master English through conversation practices, short sentences, dramatized dialogues and repetition of phrases and expressions.

We have a fun and effective teaching / learning method, with English teachers, which will make listening and pronunciation easier and will help you break down cultural barriers.

Part of the success of our program comes from the fact that it is developed by levels: Basic, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, in groups of five to ten students, so that each one of them can participate actively in progressive conversations with their teachers and classmates.

But we also developed programs for all ages: for adults, seniors, adolescents and children and, if they prefer, they can be integrated into thematic groups to dominate the terminology, concepts and environment of their daily activities.

Borealis Language Academy opens up a world of opportunities for those who are willing to master English, without worrying about the age to register and also is in the best position to offer personalized classes, adapted to the schedules of those interested.

With Borealis Language Academy, you can learn quick and easy English, in Charlotte, and Gastonia and Huntersville, NC. We are located at 6801 South Blvd. Unit B & C Charlotte, NC 28217; 3124 Eastway Dr. Ste. 520 Charlotte, NC 28205 and 1402 Skyway Dr. Monroe, NC 28110.

We evaluate your level of knowledge and provide the first class for free. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone 704-281-1656 or at our email address borealisacademy@gmail.com. Do not postpone it any longer; learning English is fast and easy.

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