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Language classes for kids in Charlotte

Language classes for kids in Charlotte

Childhood is the best time to learn a second language, but success will be defined by the willingness of children during the learning process. Hence the need to develop a teaching process that is interesting and fun.

When a child learns a second language, it not only gives him/her the opportunity to open up relationships with other children, when he/she goes to camps or participates in exchange activities; specialists in pedagogy agree that children who master a second language are more creative, develop the brain differently, have greater self-esteem, and in turn high self-esteem is closely linked to happiness.

In most European countries, the majority people handle two or more languages, something that historically has been rather rare in the countries of America; but the opportunities are here, and at Borealis Language Academy we are ready to teach Spanish to the children of Charlotte.

As language specialists, in our language school we develop effective teaching plans with ingredients that help make classes attractive and fun; without impositions or fears. And because that procedure helps the students feel more comfortable, the benefit will be greater with the children being in a pleasant environment that encourages them to continue the learning process.

At Borealis Language Academy we have teachers with the pedagogical ability so that children learn English or Spanish in a way that allows them to master the second language, as if it were their mother tongue. We develop curricula for children with methods that include the active and effective participation of students, and to achieve the best, we form groups of five to ten students, in order to make the most of conversational practices.

Those interested in learning a second language can also choose to receive personalized lessons, with timetables tailored to them and around their topics of greatest interest.

Early life is the best time to learn a second language and we are ready to teach the children of Charlotte, NC.

We invite you to contact us at any of our offices, call us or send us a text message to our main phone 704-281-1656 or writing to borealisacademy@gmail.com. It will be a pleasure to help you!

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