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Classes to learn a new language

Classes to learn a new language

The mastery of a new language is transformative; Broadens expectations opens up social and economic opportunities, facilitates studies and knowledge, and broadens one’s view of things. Taking classes to learn a new language is a great initiative.

While it is true that children have an advantage in learning other languages, so can adults of all ages, as long as we have good will and dedication.

This predisposition for learning is clearly conceived in language teaching academies, whose programs are adapted to the characteristics of each student: the child, the adolescent, and the adult; The time you can devote to learning; The goal that leads him or her to know a new language, etc.

Study languages at our specialized academy in Charlotte

The truth is that the moment a person decides to learn a new language, in their mentality and their environment changes begin to happen:

Do not expect to completely change: It is understandable that the mastery of a second or third language allows to understand other people and communicate with them fluently. But, cannot expect to be exactly like a native speaker of that language.

Ask for what you want: Motivation and dedication are crucial to achieve what you want. It is truly satisfying to be able to express yourself at the store or the supermarket; Establish a conversation with classmates, neighbors or your boss, negotiate, dialogue and ask for what you want.

Never start from scratch: No matter how little you know about an unknown language, you always have a basis to begin your understanding. You know the structure of your language and can compare it with the new language; you knows a minimum of words of the language in which you are interested, because you learned them over the years, through the media or interacting with other people; and you have developed your own strategies of learning and reasoning.

Motivation and goals: The decision to learn a new language is born of motivation and concrete goals. You learn another language to gain benefits, which can be cultural, economic, social, spiritual, etc.

Our Language Academy

At Borealis Language Academy we offer you the opportunity to develop in mastering a second language, we have a team of teachers specialized in language teaching, ready to turn your goals into an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Our program is divided into four levels: basic, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, each one with a duration of 6 to 8 months. To place you in the right level, you can take a placement test at no cost, and we will give you the necessary recommendations.

Our teaching plans include classes taught to groups of six to twelve students, at our different schedules, either during the week or on weekends; at any of our three locations or at your workplace with the schedule that best fits you. You can also opt for a personalized teaching plan, with schedules to be agreed on.

In all cases, we develop an interactive curriculum that will help you speak a second language quickly and easily.

We invite you to request more information through our email borealisacademy@gmail.com or on our website. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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